Did you know that tradies have one of the highest incidences of injuries of any profession due to the intensely physical nature of their duties? A large number of tradies have back and neck pain, musculoskeletal stress or other injuries from repetitive strain, lifting heavy items incorrectly and slips or falls.


Your Chiropractor can help by diagnosing and treating work-related injuries, allowing you to recover faster and return to work sooner.


How is this done?

Dr Collis uses a variety of techniques including adjustments for biomechanical correction, posture analysis, functional and rehabilitative exercises, core strength stabilization, workplace ergonomics and safe lifting advice.


Below we discuss areas where tradies typically experience pain, and what you can do about it.



Back Pain


If your trade involves a lot of bending, lifting, twisting or carrying, it may predispose your muscles, ligaments and spine to strain.

Try this: Set your shoulder blades back when lifting and carrying heavy objects or drilling, hammering or doing other manual tasks.

Stretches and gentle exercise such as swimming and sleeping on your side with your knees slightly bent.


Neck Pain

Do you need to look upwards a lot at work? Pain may result from prolonged unnatural neck posture as it can overstretch muscles and compress the vertebra in your neck.

Try this: Take frequent breaks to put your neck in the opposing position (ie, if you have been looking left for a long period, spend some time looking to the right) or mix up the tasks you need to do so that your neck is constantly changing positions.



Knee & Foot Pain


Tradies who need to kneel or stand for long periods can be putting additional pressure on the knees, and feet resulting in pain.

 Try this: Ensure you have adequate knee padding in situations where you have to kneel and wear firm, supportive shoes with orthotic insoles made specifically for your foot shape.


Help, I’m in pain NOW!


Firstly –  if you are in pain, don’t ignore it!


Secondly – ice the painful area. Heat expands and cold contracts, so icing the area (15 mins on/15 mins off 3 x times, waiting 2 hours then repeat if required) will help to reduce swollen and inflamed tissue around the injury. Do not apply heat as it will prolong swelling and pressure around the injury, thus requiring longer recovery time.


Thirdly – call us on 40314173 to book your chiropractic assessment and start feeling better sooner.



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